Fiddleosophy #6

This week's Fiddleosophy outlines the importance of original art. Some of you will bristle when we say this because you may automatically assume that original=expensive and out of reach.

Not true!  Our local galleries carry pieces for every budget.  The MCAD art sale is a great place to score original art at a price that won't break the bank!

At Fiddlehead, our goal is to create a one of a kind space for you. What better way to do this than with art that speaks to your personality and individual style?  Art is original. Something created once and just for you!

Don't be intimidated by the process of purchasing artwork.  It's a fun process and, in the end, you will have something so special to cherish for many years.

And that's so Fiddlehead!

Fiddlehead Design Group - Philosophy #6

Fiddleosophy #5

Bigger is better.  Less is more.

Our Fiddleosophy this week can be difficult to implement.  When we are helping clients accessorize their space, this mantra certainly rings true.  Larger pieces create a bigger statement and command attention.

Go for oversized artwork, mirrors, lighting.

The space will quickly lose impact if things appear cluttered and chaotic.

There can be too much of a good thing.

It's like accessorizing yourself.  Always look in the mirror before you go out the door and remove one thing.


And that's so Fiddlehead!!

Fiddleosophy #4

This week Fiddleosophy #4 really drives home what an interior designer can do for you.

We have the resources and experience to help you customize each and every detail of your project to fit your needs functionally and aesthetically!  When purchasing retail from a box store, your options are limited.  You have limited style, comfort, and fabric choices when it comes to furniture.  The window treatments they offer come in 2-3 "standard" lengths.  What if your windows aren't standard?  What if you are allergic to the down fill and they don't offer soy?  What if your husband is 6'-4" tall and the sofa is only 36 or 38" deep?  What if they don't have the perfect cerulean green fabric to upholster your dining chairs?

 We love to find solutions to these design dilemmas that are uniquely yours and don't be afraid that you can't afford it!

Good design is achievable at all price points.

The details make the difference!

And that's so Fiddlehead~

Fiddlehead Friday Favorites!!


This was a great week at FDG.  We are nearing the end of a kitchen remodel that is exceeding our expectations (and the client's)!  Things are falling into place and the initial anxiety of not hitting our Thanksgiving deadline has now faded into the excitement of our client being able to share this amazing kitchen and den with family and friends.  Job satisfaction! We'll be sure to share photos of the finished project with you~

Our favorites for this week feel like our weather.  Too cool and a little unexpected.?

They really do show that mixing and NOT matching can create interesting and exciting spaces.  Don't be afraid to mix modern and vintage.  Turns out industrial loves country cottage! Have fun with the pieces you currently own and give them new life by adding the unexpected.

And that's so Fiddlehead~

Fiddleosophy #3

#3 Fiddleosophy has to be my favorite.

I absolutely love this stage of the project when we come in and add the finishing touches to a space.  In fact, we tell our clients at the beginning of every project to budget for this very moment.  The accessories will make your space personal and inviting.  It's the icing on the cake, the bow on the gift, the jewelry for your get the idea.

Accessories will take a "nice room" to something really special and uniquely your own.

Don't move on to the next room until this one is done-done!

And that's so Fiddlehead!!

Fiddleosophy #2

Today we are highlighting another Fiddleosophy tip for you in beginning a project.

We recommend our clients start with either a piece of art or an area rug.  Why, you might ask?  Both can provide a palette and direction for an entire space or even an entire home.

Purchasing artwork (and we consider rugs art) can be intimidating for some.  It really shouldn't be!

Art is subjective and you really need to go with your gut here.

Love it or leave it~

Fiddleosophy #1

Happy Tuesday Fiddleheads!

Fiddlehead Design Group - Philosophy #1

We are highlighting one of our philosophies this week.  Save your money until you can do it right!

Many clients, once they have decided to embark on a project want instant gratification and want it all done at once.  For most people, financially, this isn't always possible.

Instead of spending a little money on each room in your home, focus your efforts on one space and get it done, done.   This means down to the window treatments, art, and accessories.

You will feel like you've accomplished what you've set out to do and you'll have at least one room to love and spend time in while you are ripping the next one up!

And that's so Fiddlehead!!!

Fiddlehead Friday Favorites!

Oh my.  It's Saturday and I'm sitting down to post Friday Favorites.  Need I tell you about the week?

Fall is a busy time of year for us at Fiddlehead Design Group.  We have many projects in production, many more in design, furniture to be installed, art to be hung, carpet to be installed, walls to be painted.  My heart rate goes up just writing this to do list!

How are you managing the stress of life with the family photos, basketball schedules, upcoming holiday hoopla, oh, and your job?

Day by day.  Hour by hour.  That's our mantra right now.  If you really focus on living in this moment and not worrying about the next, it does seem to get easier to cross things off the list.


(it's Saturday, remember?)

Hope you enjoy our favorites this week!

And that's so Fiddlehead!!